Dead By Daylight PS4 And Xbox One Release: Contents And What To Expect

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Dead by Daylight
Source: Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness Trailer video

Dead by Daylight publisher Starbreeze Studios has previously confirmed a PS4 and Xbox One release earlier this year. However, not all contents found on the PC version will make its way to consoles. Here’s what we know about the Dead by Daylight console release.

Console Release

Dead by Daylight’s release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be on June 20 for North America and June 23 for Europe. The game is priced at $30, which costs $10 more than the Steam version. The higher price might be primarily attributed to the console version’s inclusion of post-release DLC from the PC version. Dead By Daylight’s direct competitor, Gun Media’s Friday the 13th The Game, will be released on PC and consoles this May 26. Potentially Dead by Daylight may have a rough start since they have some competition over the console audience.

Missing DLCs

So far, the Dead by Daylight developer stream confirms that the console versions will not include two post-released content from the PC version. These include the Halloween and Left Behind expansion. The Halloween DLC has John Carpenter’s Halloween monster, Michael Myers, and the Left Behind DLC has Bill from Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. Dead by Daylight may have had to discuss legal matters with the guest character’s owners if they can be included in the console versions. Gameplay-wise, the console version won’t have access to Haddonfield, Michael Myers, Bill, and the DLC’s character perks until further notice.

Potentially these characters might have their looks changed if their owners don’t agree to include them on the console version. For now, we can only hope that it pushes through for the sake of gameplay content consistency.

Included DLCs

Behavior Interactive has mentioned which DLCs will be included in the console release. So far, it’ll include of Flesh and Mud, Spark of Madness, 80s Suitcase, and the Last Breath DLC. At best, we can expect its developers of Dead by Daylight to update all versions for parity.

The post-release DLC characters included on the console release are The Hag, The Nurse, and The Doctor. Three killer-themed DLCs included are Crotus Prenn Asylum, Backwater Swamp, and Lery Memorial Hospital.


The PC version of Dead by Daylight‘s run on peer-to-peer hosting. The console version might also implement the same way for online play. Additionally, the developers haven’t given out any word about implementing  a cross-platform play feature. Stay updated with more gaming news here on The BitBag.

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