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Dead By Daylight Next Killer: What We Know So Far

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Dead by Daylight
Source: New Killer Ability Teaser | Dead By Daylight video from OBX Sand DEvil

Behavior Interactive has revealed some clues about its next playable Killer from its previous livestreams and content reveals. Only few details are known about the next Dead by Daylight killer like his connection to the new area and his ability to use electricity in some way. Here’s what we know so far about the next Dead By Daylight killer.

Next Area Is a Hospital

As seen on the Dead By Daylight Livestream #48, the developers revealed that the next new area is an abandoned hospital. Most of the map will be inside this large hospital where players will see some leftover hospital equipment. However, this hospital seems to have some electronics up running, like signages, tv monitors, and vending machines. The map already has some foliage growing inside which means it’s already been a long time since the area has been abandoned. Potentially, the surprising presence of electricity in this area could be caused by the next Dead By Daylight Killer.

Shock the Survivors

The developers also showed an electric field ability which could be from the next Dead By Daylight killer. So far, none of the current playable killers are known to use electricity against the survivors in any way. As seen in OBX Sand Devil’s video, a laugh can be heard after the character gets shocked with electricity. It’s currently unknown what exactly this electric field does to the survivors. However, triggering this electric field effect is already large and obvious for the killer to start making his way to the area to find survivors near his electric field.

Themed Releases

As of the Nurse, Michael Myers, and The Hag Killer releases, the new content also features a new playable area and even a survivor with new Dead By Daylight DLC release. Potentially, the new Killer will be bundled along with this map, if previous release patterns are followed. Additionally, the next Dead By Daylight Killer release could include a new survivor.

As of now, the newest survivor release is Left 4 Dead’s Bill, and the latest Killer is still The Hag. The Hag and the Backwater Swamp area was released as part of the “Of Flesh and Mud” DLC last December 2016. It’s time that Behavior Interactive introduce some new playable content after all these four months of waiting. Stay updated with more Dead By Daylight news here on The BitBag.

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