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Dead By Daylight: The New Doctor Killer Is Too Weak, ‘Broken’ Character’s Weaknesses Are Imbalanced

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Dead by Daylight
Source: Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness Trailer video

Fans on the Dead by Daylight subreddit are criticizing the new killer, The Doctor, due to his weaknesses. The Doctor was originally promised to be a “broken” character due to his overpowered abilities, but this wasn’t the case as the killer fails to be a constant threat to the survivors as he can barely land his ability on targets. Behavior Interactive may need to buff The Doctor’s abilities or change his skill kit if this continues.

Barely Scary

As seen on Unumz’s Twitch footage while playing as The Doctor, landing the electric field on a running Survivor doesn’t seem to be a smart move. The Doctor doesn’t have any movement speed advantage over Survivors and can’t land his special ability. The Doctor makes distinct sounds when near Survivors which also rules out stealthy setups for this ability. Fans on the Dead by Daylight subreddit are already shaking their heads in disappointment upon seeing The Doctor struggle in chases.


The Doctor’s skill kit heavily relies on landing his special electric field ability. Electrifying Survivors applies a “Madness” stack to them which induces unique debuffs per Madness stack. Without these stacks, The Doctor is in severe disadvantage as he has doesn’t have other tools to corner and catch Survivors.

Releasing “Broken” Characters

Dead by Daylight game director Matthieu Cote previously revealed to Rock, Paper, Shotgun that The Doctor will break the game. Cote said this about The Doctor prior to his release:

“We want to make sure that this [new] killer goes out, people will scream, they’ll say it’s absolutely OP, it’s unplayable,” Cote said. “And then the rest of the people will say, no, no, no, it’s completely nerfed and you can’t play it because it’s shit. Whenever we make a new killer, we try to break the game.”

Dead by Daylight’s The Doctor is nowhere near overpowered and is actually unplayable at this moment. The new killer is definitely “broken” due to its disadvantage. Behavior Interactive may have to push out a patch soon, not to save survivors from The Doctor, but the other way around.

The Doctor’s Situation

Since The Doctor is a new Killer, he starts out at the lowest level. Killer perks and other stat boosts will still be locked for this character. Due to this ineffective special ability, he’ll need the upgrades to cover up his weaknesses. Playing The Doctor without upgrades is frustrating as they can’t stop matchmaking from giving them decked-out Survivors to chase. The vastly improved general competence of Dead by Daylight players towards evading Killers will also play a large part of that frustration.

For now, it might be best to leave The Doctor alone until he gets a buff or keep playing to give him enough levels for his upgrades. He might actually be overpowered with the right mix of perks and upgrades. Stay updated with more Dead by Daylight news here on The BitBag.

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