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Dead By Daylight Alternative: Friday The 13th Game

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Dead By Daylight

Recently, Gun Media showed a Friday The 13th?gameplay preview through IGN. Players are tasked to ask for help and secure an escape and avoid getting killed by Jason. Potentially, Friday the 13th game is a good Dead By Daylight alternative. Here?s what we know so far.


As seen on IGN?s gameplay video, seven players are tasked with four objectives that?ll help them escape from Jason. Players can call the cops or fix the cars to successfully escape the camp. Meanwhile, they can also call on Tommy Jarvis to fight off Jason as he hunts down the counselors. Inversely, Jason wins if he successfully kills every other player in the game.

Dead By Daylight Similarities

Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight are extremely similar due to the mostly ?Survivors vs Killer? gameplay. Both games focus on the Survivors interacting with some equipment first rather than just plainly running away from the killer. Additionally, both games use some known thriller movie monsters like Friday the 13th?s Jason Voorhees and Halloween?s Michael Myers.

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Game Differences

In Dead By Daylight, both survivor and killer players can further augment their playstyle by wearing perks and upgrades. The Dead By Daylight perk system gives more depth to the game and even encourages players to customize their playstyle in the game. At best, Dead By Daylight even has a ranked game mode where players have to maximize their advantages if they want to climb the ladder.

Meanwhile, Gun Media?s Friday the 13th seems to rely more on immersive areas rather than upgrade systems. Survivors can open drawers, hide under beds, use telephones, and fix electrical fuse boxes to increase their chances of surviving. Non-killer characters must resort to scavenging and cooperation if they want to survive. Due to the game?s weapon systems, players are encouraged to help each other out as they can hit Jason to interrupt or knock him out. However, Friday the 13th is still in its beta phase which could mean that some of these systems are subject to change.

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