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DC Universe Online is an action focused online game being developed for the PS3 and the PC. Based in a 3d world created in the vision of comic book artist Jim Lee and Wild Storm Productions, the world will span the depths of the entire DC Universe and players will take on story driven missions written by DC writers. Players will be able to create and customize their own hero or villain to reap havoc or be heroic in a world with state-of-the-art physics engine that will turn the world into your weapon. During my visit to the New York Comic Con I got to play a little of the game. I played as a female villain who had powers similar to Flash (speed) and Superman (laser eyes). Playing around with the game I feel that if they polish it and make sure the online play runs smoothly I think this is going to be a pretty sweet game. One thing I do hope they implement is cross platform play, and hopefully no subscriptions. Here are some screens of DC Universe Online.

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