DC Says No Cross-overs Planned between Movies and TV

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It is a fact that Marvel has already established a whole universe?s worth of characters from their movie releases, and of course, DC isn?t far behind in trying to establish their own. From movies, to TV, DC is well on its way to creating a universe of its own as well, although hopefully, it isn?t as terribly received as last time?s ?Green Lantern?.

A friend of the Green Lantern, the Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, has a series of his own. And with the Batman v Superman movie hinting at a possible joining of the heroes to form the Justice League in this cinematic universe, it seems that the TV series only makes sense in fleshing out the character?s backstory. But sorry, DC fans, it seems that this time, you won?t be getting anything close to what?s being said as a cross-over.

DC Entertainment?s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, also of Green Lantern books fame, said that there?s no possibility that CW?s series about Oliver Queen?s struggles, and the new cinematic series that started with ?Man of Steel?, would cross over. He insisted that it was a wholly separate universe, and that unlike in the comic books, the film and television universes would stay separate.

image courtesy of pictsaw.com

image courtesy of pictsaw.com

Stephen Amell, the actor playing Oliver Queen in the series, is one of the people clamoring for the debut of the Green Arrow on the big screen. He?s made no secret of this, and intimated that he would love to become the Green Arrow of this said universe. However, the direction of the series, as well as the new ?Flash? series coming out is set to move on a different direction, with a lot of characters dropping in to say ?hi?; just no Batman and Superman, at least for the time being, as per Geoff Johns.

While purists and people would criticize this decision, a lot of others are rooting for the move. They said it would give the characters proper time to become fleshed out, independent of their role and responsibilities when included in the Justice League. This would also mean that, by the time they get included in a ?League? film, if possible, people won?t have to research so much about their origins and on why they act and do things the way they do.

Johns, however, did let slip a character that was due for an appearance in a film of his own, and a possible tie-in with Batman and Superman. He did single out ?Shazam? as a character due for a movie of his own. Dwayne Johnson has earlier said that he would be playing the titular character in a film soon, and that it was one of the many that Warner Bros. has hinted at. Johns himself was rumored to have been behind a possible treatment and screenplay for the Shazam film since August 2009.

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