DC Movies: Margot Robbie discusses Harley; Suicide Squad Connected to Comics?

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The other day, I managed to catch Margot Robbie in ?The Wolf of Wall Street?. She had been in talks to do the role of Harley Quinn, the quintessential partner of the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker. She was a nice fit in that sheer negligee she wore, and I had little to no doubt that she would rock Harley?s outfit, if she decided to go ahead with an earlier outfit test.

Here?s an interesting thing, though; if you wanted to know more about what exactly the story entails, then the animated film, Batman: Assault on Arkham, is as good as any movie to provide a preview, as per Christian Today. Speaking of Margot Robbie, Caped Crusades managed to catch up on her and decided to ask her what she thinks about her role as Harley Quinzell, and her being in the limelight as part of DC?s Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad?a Preview

You might be looking at what Suicide Squad might look like.

If you?re one of those curious cats, then, Christian Today has this article which says your next best bet is to watch Batman: Assault on Arkham. For one, it features the first meeting between Harley Quinn and Deadshot, played by Margot Robbie and Will Smith, respectively. Harley is there to break out her ?Puddin?, the Joker, while Deadshot was hired by someone to off an inmate. Of course, they are at odds first chance they get, and the rest, as they say, is history.

There are also appearances by Amanda Waller as well as Captain Boomerang in this animated feature. If you?re curious to see how the partnerships between these characters would turn out to be, this animated feature could work as a kind of ?sneak peek? until the movie trailer actually comes around.

Margot Robbie Speaks

Speaking of Margot Robbie, she finally makes a comment about how Suicide Squad had been kind to her.

Before Suicide Squad, one of her only claim to fame was the Leonardo diCaprio starrer ?The Wolf of Wall Street?, where she played diCaprio?s partner. Now, she has a chance, as per Caped Crusades, to make a statement as Harley Quinn. Robbie says that she would have an easy time playing Harley Quinn, who is a New Yorker, as per the comics. She played a NY girl in Wolf of Wall Street, so she sees no difficulty with that. The character, however, is a whole other thing.

While Robbie and DC hadn?t ironed out the specifics of what kind of Harley we?ll be seeing in Suicide Squad, seeing Robbie as Harley would be a refreshing look.

DC?s Plan Coming Altogether

Robbie and DC could both benefit from this. Harley Quinn could well be Robbie?s ticket to bigger superhero movies?either as a villain or the anti-hero. She could well become a household name after Suicide Squad, and DC could either make or break in the movies depending on how Suicide Squad turns out to be.


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