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It?s obvious to anyone who looks that DC is trying to catch up to Marvel in the movies race.

While it?s no secret that Marvel had some good fortune concerning the released movies that they?ve had, DC has yet to make a significant universe where all their characters are included. DC has the benefit of making a Universe with all the right things in it, using Marvel?s example and perhaps skipping a lot of trial and error in making this universe work. However, there is still room for improvement as they are still some months away from the first movie to come out in cinemas.

Here in this report from Cinema Blend we take a look at some choice comments from Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson. It would be wise for DC to take heed of what he says, as it would benefit them in the long run. In another article, this one coming from Den of Geek, we take a look at DC?s Suicide Squad. Not much is known about this movie except perhaps by those who follow the comic book series religiously or are long time DC Comics fans. Get to know the characters some more.

Samuel L. Jackson?s ?Friendly? Advice

Perhaps what DC should take from Marvel is the Studio?s ability to get people pumped up over characters as laughable as Rocket Raccoon.

At least, as per Cinema Blend, that?s what Samuel L. Jackson says. Barring the fact that his time with Marvel is almost up, Jackson speaks about Marvel?s superheroes, in a quote that was shown on Cinema Blend. There seems to be a certain charisma with Marvel?s characters, so he says; a kind of charisma which makes the movies adhere more to the public, and one that should be worth emulating, especially by DC who is aching to create a universe of their own.

Zack Snyder is at the helm of one of these movies?Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There?s no doubt that Zack can definitely make the kind of movie which could launch the DC Cinematic Universe off properly. However, he needs to play all his cards right in this one.

Suicide Squad?s Re-introduction

Another DC movie that could very well be the one that makes or breaks their Universe is Suicide Squad.

In the comics, it?s made up of a bunch of misfits that are thrown a lifeline with the chance to prove themselves worthy of doing stuff only heroes do. That in itself provides a good synopsis for a story, but what about the characters? Each of them has ties to major characters?Harley Quinn and Deadshot to the Joker and Batman, respectively, and Captain Boomerang to some DC characters like the Flash and the Justice League in general. However, they are villains turned reluctant heroes.

How DC approaches making this movie will be interesting to watch. These characters are almost like the Guardians of the Galaxy in anonymity amongst casual audiences, so it will be curious to see how they would take care of endearing these characters to the audience.

DC Makes its Moves

DC doesn?t seem to be wavering from making 2016 the year when their Cinematic Universe goes full force. It would be interesting to see how they go about making their own universe?would they follow Marvel?s formula? Would they rather prefer to make their own universe under their own terms? Let?s wait and see.


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