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DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Legion of Doom Puts Two Amulets Together

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DC?s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 8 recap kicks off on a Chicago dock in 1927. Damien Darhk and the Reverse-Flash meet with Al Capone. The two offered their services.

But Al Capone was not interested about having the two on his team. He wanted to stick his men on them. However, Thawne takes them out swiftly.

Al Capone was told that Damien Darhk and the Reverse-Flash can actually help them in dealing with new enemies. There are new foes coming to town soon. Their services will be a huge help.

ATOM and Citizen Steel are on board the Waverider. They were sparring until Sara and Jax ordered them to stop. The two eventually opted to leave.

Jax goes to the library. There he saw Stein thinking about the whereabouts of his daughter. Jax told him that the team will get rid of his daughter as soon as she is found. Martin opposed this, saying she can be protected if her impact on history is minimal.

Temporal Tremor Found

Everyone gathered when Gideon found a temporal tremor. It was coming from Chicago in 1927. So the men geared up and went there. Ray and Steel saw Elliott Ness arriving. They arrived at a conclusion that someone may have told Capone that Ness is a threat. Ray and Steel opted to protect him. ?

Ray decided to follow Ness until Chicago police officers volunteered to accompany Ness. They will be heading to the FBI. That was the time when Ray opted to stop following Ness. It turns out the cops were crooked.

Nate is confident that Capone will try to kill Ness. He thought the former may be drowning him off Dock 39. They were fast enough to reach Ness before he loses his life. As the Legends resuscitate Ness, Damien Darhk is delighted that they took the bait.

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Capone?s men were supposed to toss Stein into the river. Sara arrived and revealed that she handed the amulet to Thawne. At the end of the episode, the Legion of Doom assembles to put two amulets together.

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