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DC Films: Viola Davis News plus A Crisis On Infinite Earths Movie?

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In the DC side of things, it can be said that there is some heating up at the moment.

This Hypable article brings to us news about the Suicide Squad and the person being tapped to play Amanda Waller, Viola Davis. We all know how integral the role of Amanda Waller is to the DC Universe, and the world in which Suicide Squad thrives in. She?s instrumental in bringing these band of misfits together and coercing them to work with each other as a sort of anti-heroic Justice League. As it turns out, Viola might not be here for just one movie.

Also, we take a look at Crisis on Infinite Earths, as per Den of Geek. It?s that series which could bring together DC?s fledgling Universe for one epic movie, against an enemy whose counterpart may only be Marvel?s Galactus, perhaps, or Thanos. However, will this movie work? Will it be working in the movies the same way that the comic book storyline did during its earlier run? Let?s take a look.

Viola Davis Could Land the Big Time

Viola Davis, the actress linked to the Amanda Waller role, could be seen in DC movies for a very long time.

As per the Hypable article, Amanda Waller is the Nick Fury of the series, and she could be seen in multiple movies. Hence, Viola Davis is being worked out to play the role over several movies, the start of which is the upcoming Suicide Squad. The movie is basically akin to Marvel Comics? Thunderbolts?a reform program where villains work out their sentences by helping society, in a way, becoming like heroes themselves.

The How to Get Away with Murder star will certainly have her hands full if the multi-picture deal?as per Hypable?comes into fruition. So is it really going to be that awesome? We?ll have to wait and see for ourselves, when Suicide Squad rolls around, bringing along stars such as Jared Leto, Will Smith, and Cara Delevingne.

A Crisis on Infinite Earths Movie, Really?

Well, this is interesting.

As per Den of Geek, if this happens, then art could imitate life?or in this case, DC?s own Cinematic Universe might stand to cash in on being a bigger one than that of Marvel?s own. That is, if they manage to pull it off. With multiple characters being cast in different series?a different Flash for TV and another one for the movie, for example?it could open the door for different characters from different universes bumping into one another, as the article suggests.

However, if fan comments from Den of Geek is anything to go by, there are a lot of fans to appease before this happens. Some of them think that Crisis on Infinite Earths was a major fan-service event that tried too hard, while some think each character should be left to their own devices in their respective universes.


Tired of Cross-Overs?

However this may turn out to be, DC will eventually have the last say as to whether Infinite Earths would exist in the Cinematic Universe, or not. There?s always room for more, but in some cases, less is more. If we are to stand by this, and if Warner Brothers is wise, then the Crisis on Infinite Earths might never even exist. As for Viola Davis?she seems to be a perfect fit for Amanda Waller, and a fitting face to give the tough lady.


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