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DC Comics Working On 2 New Video Games? Superman Game To Follow Batman Arkham Knight?

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Looks like DC is focusing more on launching new games based on their characters.

DC has one franchise that is getting great receptions in the world of video games, and that is the Batman Arkham series. But that does not stop DC from venturing further in the gaming industry, as there are reports which shows that DC is planning to launch more games.

Comics Alliance shared an article where WB Montreal has posted new job listings where two DC Comics games are in development. The listings include QA specialties such as Senior Animator, Programming Rendering, Software Developer as well as production tasks such as Senior Character Artist, Senior Technical Artist and many more.

This possibly means that DC is planning to launch new games that are outside of the Batman franchise, this once again brought up the rumors of an upcoming Superman game where a screenshot of a game asset was leaked on the internet and fans were expecting at that time for a big announcement on the recent San Diego Comic Con, unfortunately there were no announcements made for that rumor.

There were several DC Comics games created from the past few decades, though some were created horribly (one good example was Superman 64) that made fans forget about it and hope DC would stop allowing developers to create mediocre games, but there were some that are promising (such as the squad-based action RPG Justice League Heroes and the LEGO Batman series). But the most successful game was the Batman Arkhan series where it now has 5 games (3 main and 2 spin-offs), and let us not forget the experimental Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe which had mixed receptions but finally made a great impact with Injustice: Gods among Us.

Hopefully we could find out what games are being planned and which DC hero or team will be getting a video game treatment.

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