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Comic books could start a revolution?a storyline encompassing event that would overhaul the entire landscape. Such is the case with Marvel and DC?two classic rivals who now find themselves mirroring the move of the other. In Marvel?s case, it was forced to do so following the successes of their titles in the big and the small screen. In DC?s case, it appears that they want to hit the ground running.

DC has the benefit of starting last and adjusting just in time for the movies to come out. With a few titles coming out in 2016 in the movies, this Bloody Disgusting article tells of DC?s own move to make their titles fit in with the current line-up in a move known as the Convergence event. It?s also the same theme that this Market Watch article tells us?DC is making their line-ups more in-line with the public?s current fascination?real world settings combining with comic book settings.

A Major Overhaul

As per the Bloody Disgusting article, we are going to see an entirely different DC Comics line-up after Convergence is done.

The New 52 is going away, and in the aftermath, 25 comic books will remain the same; the remaining 24, however, will have to adjust creative team-wise. Most of these titles?such as Constantine and Justice League Dark, will be heading in a direction which puts story over continuity, as per Bloody Disgusting. Those are just some of the books which will receive an overhaul, as well as titles like Justice League America, and the newly added Black Canary.

While it does appear to be a reboot of various titles from the DC line, what it seems more like is a reboot in creative direction. DC certainly knows what they?re doing, and who knows? Perhaps some of these books might find their way into the DC Cinematic Universe, which is as of now non-static and can change.

Signs of the Times

The latest title mentioned above?Black Canary?could also be seen as a reaction towards what DC perceives is a sign of the changing times.

Recently, a letter was sent to the DC bigwigs by a girl named Rowan. Another factor could be that Black Canary is one of DC?s superheroes seen on the various series they?ve got on TV, as per Market Watch. It makes perfect sense, actually; another series that?s getting an overhaul is Constantine, which has a series of his own on TV. The changes that they are undergoing might actually be in-line with the new-found success other media have helped them achieve.

Will Flash and other comic book titles get an overhaul as well? Flash seems to stay put, being one of the major titles DC has, perhaps; but with the ever-changing landscape brought about by the emergence of comic book series on TV and movies, who knows?

The Times are A?changin? for DC

It?s a completely different world for comic books right now.

The movies have done a great deal to affect that change, as well as the emergence of the TV as another outlet for comic books to gain more attention. Whatever the case, DC seems to be reacting thusly to this, and as a result, is cashing in on the new popularity characters like Black Canary and Constantine are receiving. We should expect to see more surprises in the coming years as DC gears up for the first of their many movies.


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