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DC Comics: Possible Plots and Tie-Ins of Batman v Superman

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a lot riding on its shoulders. It?s one of the movies which is supposed to mark the start of another rivalry?between Marvel and DC Comics?on a completely different medium, however. It?s interesting to see it, as a fan of their supposed rivalry all those years back. These movies do have benefits for the comic book industry too.

So let?s take a look at what these are, shall we?

DC?s Batman v Superman, still in the thick of production, appears to be headed toward several possible plots which Comic Book Movie is dissecting. We?re going to take a look at them too, and see if we can find a winner among them. That?s entirely possible, right? Another news coming from Screen Crush also provides a juicy tidbit about DC?s shot at making a connected universe?will we be seeing Ben Affleck in another movie? It might be possible.

Batman v Superman Ideas

Some of these plots border on the impossible, as per Comic Book Movie, but that?s what they?re meant for.

Most of the plots, as per Comic Book Movie, suggest the presence of Lex in the movie, followed by appearances from Barbara Gordon (Jena Malone), Brainiac, and a retired Batman die to Jason Todd?s death. However, the believable ones might be those involving Lex Luthor, simply because he is in the film. It would also be cool to see Bizarro in the movie, but that?s of course just speculation.

There are a lot of other possibilities since the movie will virtually feature the leading figures in the Justice League. What about the participation of Wonder Woman and Aqua-Man?what will their presence bring in the movie? That is a truly exciting thought.

Ben Affleck in Another DC Movie?

Batman v Superman is reportedly not the only movie for Ben Affleck, though.

Barring any possibilities that he may reprise the role moving on, Ben Affleck may be seen again in Suicide Squad, according to Screen Crush. However, his role here is reduced to a slightly supportive one. Ben Affleck?s Bruce Wayne might be seen at the end of the movie, or in a scene which features him and the Joker. Whether this would happen or not remains to be seen, although it is a distinct possibility owing to the presence of Arkham and the Joker in the movie.

At the very least, the loss of Tom Hardy opened the door for Ben Affleck to waltz in. What about Tom Hardy?s role? The general rumor is that Jake Gyllenhaal is being tapped to play the role.

DC?s Movies to Surprise

Are we going to see a resurgence of DC movies moving on from 2015?

Perhaps and perhaps not; Major factors to consider are the deals with the actors and the shooting schedules. It might be safe to assume, however, that if these things do not come to pass, and everything goes according to plan, we might begin to see more DC movies go toe-to-toe with Marvel?s own offerings.


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