DC Comics News: Ezra Miller on The Flash and Comic Book Line-ups

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[By Nick Step (Ezra Miller) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Ezra Miller is another actor on the brink of a notable change.

Pegged to become the Flash of the DC Cinematic Universe, he should feel that he?s on a roll; while Marvel has already jumped the gun on creating a universe in the movies, DC is just about to begin theirs. If the projects lined-up for the actors in Marvel?s backyard are any indication, Ezra has all the right to feel optimistic about his own chances in DC?s corner. In this Den of Geek article, we take a look as Ezra talks about what he thinks will be his fate in the foreseeable future?playing the Flash in several movies set in DC?s own Cinematic Universe.

In another article coming from Comic Book Resources, we take a look at some other news concerning the DC Comic Book universe. Perhaps, to tie-up with the advent of its newest universe, DC is welcoming a slew of animated movies and shorts?will these tie-up with the events set to happen in the movies? Speculations say so, but let?s take a look and maybe that will shed more light.

Ezra Miller on the Flash

Ezra Miller has every reason to be ecstatic about giving life to The Flash on the big screen.

Being a part of a Cinematic Universe has its benefits; just ask about every character that appeared in Marvel?s own Cinematic Universe. Ezra, as per Den of Geek, is very excited about being part of a Cinematic Universe in DC?s own. As stated in the Den of Geek article, Ezra is feeling very happy about having a stable job, and it appears to be a stable job indeed.

While his movie is still a few years away, Ezra?s Flash will be appearing at the earliest in the Justice League movie. Depending on how DC fleshes out their own Cinematic Universe, Ezra could be looking at more movies to come with him reprising the role of the Flash.

An Extended Universe

As it appears in the Comic Book Resources article, the series?Batman Unlimited and DC?s Super Friends?is aimed for a young demographic. This is DC?s attempt to cash in on their toy lines of the same names and not the other way around. However, it should be a good chance to get some content in before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes around.

Kids could stand to relive scenes in the movies through toys which will be featured in the movie. These sets include a Joker Laff Factory, the Batcave, and some comic books featuring the stories.

DC Content Galore

It?s turning out to be an exciting time to be a comic book fan. In both movies and merchandise, DC seems intent on catching up to the dominance set by Marvel in the Cinematic Universe. Will their tactics work against a proven formula being done by Marvel? It will be exciting to see them relive their feud of the 90s in a new medium, films.


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