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DC Comics: News about Harley Quinn and the Female Demographic

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It?s hard touching on the sensitive nature of females and the comic book industry.

Female superheroes have been underrepresented as of late, and it?s not only the adults who think this is so. As per this report from The Telegraph UK, a report about the glaring disparity of DC female and male superheroes comes from the least likely of sources?an 11-year old girl. While some may think of it as cute; that even an 11-year old sees the disparity is a sad trend of the times about the lack of female representation in industries which people view as traditionally male-dominated.

DC also appears to take part in the celebration of Valentine?s this year. As per Nerd Reactor, DC is currently making Harley Quinn the ambassador of romance for the month of Hearts. Her issues are coming this Valentine?s Day, and is aimed at making Batman the center of Harley Quinn?s attention. Will this mean that she is dumping her puddin? for a darker-flavored morsel? Let?s take a look.

From the Eyes of a Child

The girl, who was known by her name ?Rowan?, made a rather cute letter to be given to DC, as per The Telegraph UK.

What wasn?t cute, however, was the fact that she indeed was pointing out a fact; while we have Black Widow and Gamora in Marvel movies, and Wonder Woman is set to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there still appears to be less representation of women in movies. Even merchandise featuring these heroines aren?t as abundant as they appeared, and when they do, they appear few and far in between.

Somehow, Rowan raised a point where not only males or boys read comics; women and girls do too. In an age such as ours, you would think that people have already addressed this problem. Hopefully we see more heroines in movies as Marvel and DC presents their movie lists moving on.

Harley Quinn?s February Bonanza

Harley Quinn plays queen of hearts in her very own series of comics this coming February.

DC?s plan for Valentine?s is to spring Harley on to unsuspecting readers with her very own series, ?Harley Quinn: Valentine?s Day Special?. As it appears on the Nerd Reactor article, Harley?s current affection is reserved for the Dark Knight, and he can?t escape the clutches of Harley?either way around, Harley has her eyes set on the Dark Knight. There will also be a Facebook page as well as a Harley Hub page coming out along with the book.

It could also be that DC is hiking up the visibility of Harley. With her participation in the DC movie ?Suicide Squad?, DC is perhaps introducing or freshening up people?s perception of Harley Quinn.

Fairness in Comics

DC might be playing to people?s expectation of Harley by releasing these comic books, but Rowan has it right when she asked for more females in books, heroine or villainess. When that happens, it might only be then that we can truly say that the world is a truly diverse place, whether we?re reading comic books or living our everyday lives.


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