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DC Comics: Jay Hernandez Joins Suicide Squad; Comic Books out of touch in Today’s World?

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Recent trends have made the world today into what it is.

It?s a good time to be a casual comic book fan in this day?s age. Most of those casual fans would?ve been baited in by the various comic book movies dotting the landscape?from the Marvel movies to the DC ones, which are soon coming in 2016. However, we need to take a look at the state that these movies have left their paperback counterparts; comic books which are the origin of these movies in the first place, and without which they wouldn?t be able to make it to the big screen.

So it is that this Comic Mix article presented the question: who needs comic books? Do people still see the true value that these paperbacks possess, or have they outlived their usefulness? We?ll take a look at that. Also, we take a look at this Digital Spy UK article which brings to us news about DC?s Suicide Squad movie. If they have a problem, they?re doing a pretty good job of not showing it, what with new casting Jay Hernandez making his presence felt in the movie.

Comic books represent?

Who else reads comic books?

Not the conglomerates that produce the movies based on them, if the Comic Mix article is to be believed. There are a lot of comic books available that could be made into movies, but at a business standpoint, only those with potential can be given a chance to break into the movies. Such is the point that the author of the article tried to make among others, and it would take a really converted casual fan to pick up a book and devote his or her self to the series.

It?s really easy to become a comic book fan?in the paper-back iteration?in 2015, what with DC?s Convergence event and Marvel?s Secret Wars re-introducing and crafting a new storyline for first-time readers. This might have also been spurred by the new-found glitz and glamour comic book movies have afforded these paper-backs.

Jay Hernandez makes his appearance

Speaking of comic books, Suicide Squad is gaining another member despite the departure of Tom Hardy.

Jay Hernandez, an actor who?s been seen on films such as Friday Night Lights, Torque, Hostel and Ladder 49, as per Digital Spy UK, is joining the cast of Suicide Squad. His role, as per the article, hadn?t been revealed or given any more information as of now, but it?s clear that he will be playing something significant?speculation says that he will be sharing a cell with the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, who is played by Jared Leto.

Seeing his illustrious cell-mate, will Jay Hernandez? character play a significant role in the movie? Whatever the case, it seems that this is a good sign for Suicide Squad, a movie which could be similar to Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of surprise factor.

What all of these mean

With DC joining the cinema onslaught, it?s safe to say that they may be in line to make profits for their paper-backs, if the movies generate enough interest. It?s also safe to assume that it will, and it might prove to be the renaissance that DC needs in order to jumpstart their comic books.


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