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DC Comics: iZombie and Arrow News

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DC Comics keeps busy with their various series these days.

As it appears, DC Comics? series?Arrow, for instance?seems to make more connection with the casual crowd. Arrow has a definite Smallville feel to it, and it doesn?t seem all that different from Heroes. The Flash seems poised to follow in that direction, too, and has been known to be planning a crossover between the two titles. However, what we really would like to see are other creative titles.

There?s one such title about to show on the CW channel, as per Fashion N Style. The particular show on the limelight is ?iZombie?, which features an undead student?Rose McIver stars as her?and it?s also based on a DC Comic series. ?Another plus for DC comes in the form of Arrow. As per Bustle, aside from Laurel Lance a.k.a Black Canary making an appearance, another hero is poised to make a debut?this is Tatsu a.k.a Katana.

A Creative Horror-Comedy

iZombie?s a creative horror-comedy which shows the undead can still have a life?well, sort of.

Under circumstances which can only happen in comics, a party becomes a fight for your life as an undead apocalypse happens in it. Olivia ?Liv? Moore (McIver), as per Fashion N Style, becomes one of the unwilling victims of the local Zombie holocaust. She starts her hunt for human brains?obviously?and goes one step further to hide her transformation by working at a local morgue, where she can have her fill of brains. As it turns out, as per Fashion N Style, she gets snippets of memories per brain she eats ala-Warm Bodies. What happens is she decides to put this to use for the greater good, and uses her powers to help murder victims.

This brain-to-memory thing isn?t at all new, but it?s certainly a refreshing perspective in the way it was used. There also happens to be no undead sleuth before?though I might be mistaken?and the plot can certainly make for a very refreshing series. March 17th is the date when the dead go?sleuth.

Tatsu Yamashiro to Become Katana?

First off, Katana is a valuable member of the Birds of Prey and also a friend?of sorts?of Black Canary.

She is also the latest female superhero to join Arrow?Oliver Queen?in his fight for justice, and she joins Black Canary, who already appears on Arrow?s 3rd season, as per Bustle. Played by Rila Fukushima, Tatsu Yamashiro a.k.a Katana is expected to play a bigger role in Arrow, as she is instrumental in nursing Oliver Queen back to the land of the living. Armed with a mystical sword?the Soultaker?she helps Arrow and Black Canary in restoring order in the city.

How will her character develop in the series? Hopefully, Katana will be playing more roles than just a fill-in character. Arrow?s Season 3 is well under way with the appearances of Katana and Black Canary, although how long will it be before the Birds of Prey make an appearance? The trend surely looks and feels like that way.

DC?s Series Line-ups?Surprising

DC seems intent on making superhero shows that do have a surprisingly realistic touch of life. iZombie; Arrow; these titles are as close to reality as a hero series can get, and they?re intent on bringing more and more. Perhaps they?ve taken a page right out of the recent Nolan ?Batman? films on how to interject reality into fantasy.


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