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DC Comics Icons, Deck-Building Game Getting a Boost

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DC Comics might be working to get their Cinematic Universe up and running, but that isn?t the only area where they?re working on.

There are a lot of things going on in DC?s merchandise?potential collectibles that may only get more value as the movies start to wrap-up in time for the release of each one. One of these merchandise is the Deck Building game which features DC?s different superheroes. One of the most successful arcs to have ever invaded DC?s universe, the Blackest Night, is being made available in the Deck Building game, according to IGN.

That?s not the only news on merchandise, though. As movies and TV series progress, another property that?s set to generate profits are the action figures. They are a prime property which could potentially make a killing as each movie releases, and as per USA Today, DC seems to realize that potential. They have released different figures dubbed the ?Comics Icons? series.

Blackest Night invades Deck Building Game

The Blackest Night was a very successful arc, especially if you?re a fan of Green Lantern.

It may have perhaps played upon the zombie theme that?s so popular now-a-days. However, the discovery and the revelation of the different colors of the emotional spectrum was a big draw. Personally, as a Green Lantern fan, I did love it. Now, the Blackest Night, as per IGN, invades DC?s Deck Building game. Aside from the Blackest Night, another addition is the Crossover 1 pack that switches the Justice League for the Justice Society of America, as per IGN.

It should be nice to pair the cards from the Justice Society of America pack with the Blackest Night deck. A unique set of superheroes from each side could potentially become a great deck, one that?s hard to beat even with the right set of cards.

DC Comics Icons becomes Available

DC seems to be timing the release of their merchandise with the upcoming showing of their films.

In particular, a product in the highlight is DC?s ?Comics Icons? line, as per USA Today. The merchandise features heroes which we?ve grown to love through the year. We get to see the Flash, as well as Batman, who are fixtures in the Justice League get their own figures. Created by Ivan Reis, as per USA Today, these ?Icons? will feature not only the current appearance of the characters, but their classic appearances as well. Each would sell at $24.95 each.

With the announcement that classic and pre-New 52 versions will be available, no doubt this would be of high value to collectors who would want to buy for their own personal collection. Expect to see pieces that would complete your own collection, if you?ve already begun to build one.

An Information Revolution

That DC is slowly distributing these merchandise ahead of the films reminds us that 2016 is, indeed, fast approaching. What should we expect from the films? Will we see something that we like, or will we get to know more about the different heroes that are going to be introduced in each respective series?


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