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DC Comics: ‘Gotham’ Easter Eggs and Todd McFarlane news

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[Luigi Novi [CC BY 3.0 or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

I can hardly remember the time when I first held a Spawn comic in my hand. It was way back during the 90s when I came across the reluctant hero, tormented by whisper from the Nether and desperate to escape the grasp of demons and be a pawn in the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell. However, I haven?t heard from Spawn that much, nor of its author, Todd McFarlane, who also happened to be the creatorof Spawn.

So it?s pleasant surprise to hear that one of my favorite artists has been busy as of late. In this Digital Spy UK article, we get to catch up with the now-president of Image Comics himself. When asked whether he would be making another book or draw for Marvel and DC again, his answer is a resounding ?NO? and we?ll find out why. Also, we take a look at this Bustle article which shows us more than just a look into the current Gotham series. It?s another case of reel life imitating the comic books as the Gotham club gets ready for an overhaul?and it may be one overhaul everyone expects to see.

Todd McFarlane Disagrees, But…

Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, reacted thusly when asked about doing a book for either Marvel or DC.

Through Digital Spy UK, Todd McFarlane answered questions about whether he would do a book for Marvel or DC, saying that he isn?t interested. However, the reason behind this isn?t because of hate or disgust or anything. It?s more of a conflict of interest, according to McFarlane. He also happens to be the president of Image?in his words, the ?THIRD largets comic company in North America?, and as such, doing something other than a collaboration of characters between Marvel and DC is seen as a conflict of interest.

Todd McFarlane has done an odd collaboration with Marvel and DC, in terms of having Spawn crossover to their titles or have their heroes meet Spawn over at Image?s backyard. However, he has not done anything other than that for Marvel and DC since Image came into fruition back in ?92.

Fish Mooney?s ?Gotham? Club Take-over

Fish Mooney had been left in big trouble in Gotham.

While the ?Gotham? club is still in Mooney?s hands, it only remains to be seen how long before it changes hands and falls into the hands of the Penguin, as per Bustle. This, according to them, paves the way for Penguin to transform it into the ?Iceberg Lounge?, a melting pot of both heroes and villains. It?s where Falcone and the other illustrious villains that call Gotham their home meet, and it may become thus in such a short time.

This is a clear case of comic books invading television again, and sooner or later, television might return the favor. Aside from this, however, what changes will we be seeing in Gotham? It could possibly happen once Penguin comes out of jail, as a source of legitimate income for him.

Shades of a Batman vs. Spawn

Todd McFarlane?s name in this article invokes shades of Batman vs Spawn, a title wherein Spawn visited Batman and vice versa during their heydays. There?s not much word about Spawn these days, although Gotham is in full swing. Would we be seeing another collaboration between the two in the future? Only time will tell.


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