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DC Comics Characters Update: Green Arrow and Neal Adams Discussed

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Behind DC?s backyard, there?s also a lot of activity going on.

DC has been busy lately with their moviews that are coming out pretty soon. In 2016, we?re going to see two significant movies coming out?a superhero mash-up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a villain introduction in Suicide Squad. Of the two, Suicide Squad had been making the most noise in headlines lately. Thanks due in part to roster changes and the departure of a cast member, Suicide Squad had been more prominent in the headlines.

However, we?re here to talk about a potential member of the Justice League movie if and when it comes out. Oliver Queen, better known as Arrow, had been shooting at it as a TV series, and a pretty cool TV series at that. Let?s take a look as per Comic Book at what had happened so far?there had been surprises here and there, but there had been pretty important characters that already appeared. Also, we follow this Green Bay Press Gazette article which takes a look at Neal Adams? travels through the country.

Arrow Spoilers: Easter Eggs for a Cohesive Universe

If ever there was an argument for a DC cohesive universe, perhaps Arrow would make a case for it. Arrow had included in this week?s past episodes some characters which are part of the DC Comics universe, and had presented them in a rather nice way. For instance, as per Comic Book, we get to see Brick, a villain which has been a thorn in Arrow?s side.

That?s not all there is, however.

There is also Kate Spencer, played by Laurel Lance who, as per the article, is still called Black Canary up until now. However, she is a very different character from the comics. She was killed at the Season Two finale, while in the comics, her character is still alive and well.

That perhaps might show that not all that comes out in the real world series is mirrored in the comics, and vice versa. However, let?s hope Arrow does make an appearance in the Justice League movie featuring the same actor.

The Neal Adams Countrywide Tour

Neal Adams has been touring the Americas this 2015, and he?s making a stop at Wisconsin.

Neal Adams, for those who may ask, is one of DC?s hidden gems. He?s been known for his work on Superman, Batman, X-Men, and Green Lantern/Green Arrow, to name a few, and he?s making an appearance at Powers Comics and Collectibles, as per Green Bay Press Gazette. For those who want copies of their comics signed by him, he?ll be around Wisconsin at February 4, 4 to 7PM.

While he inks X-Men from Marvel, he will be most commonly known for bringing Batman back to his roots as the ?Dark Knight? that Gotham needed.

DC?s Cohesive Universe

Will artists like Neal Adams and a TV series like Arrow be able to create a connected universe for DC?

We don?t know for certain, but it would be really good to see these heroes all under one roof. Arrow is a member of the Justice League, and to not see him in the upcoming movie will make it slightly incomplete. However, let?s hope that DC?s plans include a universe where all these characters?TV or movies?are included.


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