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DC Comics: A Simpler Universe plus Supergirl on CBS

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Last time, DC Comics was reported to be bringing along all the heroes into one defining moment in comics.

Dubbed Convergence, the event will do to DC Comics what the Secret Wars is to Marvel Comics. However, the aim of Convergence is to bring back all the characters from the Golden Age, the current Age, and the Age in Between?the Age before New 52. However confusing it may sound?and IT is confusing?DC is pushing through with this, seemingly because there are some people they want to have again.

Well, whatever the case, this Hit Fix article attempts to explain the paradox that is Convergence. Is this DC?s way of covering up what they did with new 52, or are things going bad that they need to return to what worked?the original universe pre-new 52? Also, as per People, Supergirl is coming to CBS. As if DC didn?t already have a lot of superhero series flying around in their backyard already.

Convergence Wipes Everything Out and Fixes It

Rather than focus on anything else, I?d rather try and understand why Convergence is needed.

Convergence is an event in DC Comics that brings back the old DC continuations and mixes them with the New 52 series. DC, as per Hit Fix, promises to return things to a simpler timeline once the event is done?or something like that. However, the one thing I don?t understand is if Convergence is needed at all. Although, as per Hit Fix, it might be needed after all, if things are to return to their pre-New 52 state, something that is puzzling in and of itself.

Is New 52 not really selling that they need to bring the old timeline back? It?s refreshing, what they?ve done with the New 52 timeline. Hopefully Convergence isn?t a step back, but rather, a step forward to the foreseeable future.

CBS? Supergirl Series

CBS is the latest network on the block to host a DC Superhero.

Supergirl, Superman?s long-lost cousin, and also known in other dimensions as Power Girl, will be the latest superheroine to have her own series on TV. This Supergirl, as per People, is being portrayed by a virtual unknown. However, what?s known is that CBS is willing to put their entire series on the line and bet on this girl, who they think is going to be super?pardon the pun.

There had been Supergirls in the past. Each one was as different from the other, although it would be interesting to see what this unknown brings to the table. Laura Vandervoort was Smallville?s Supergirl, while Helen Slater will always be known as Supergirl to those who saw the 1984 film, as per People. Let?s see if CBS? trust in this actress is not misplaced.

Is DC Pushing All the Right Buttons?

DC appears to known what they?re doing, otherwise, they wouldn?t actually push through with such moves as Convergence nor the Supergirl series on TV. As it appears, we?d just have to wait and see what happens when these series from DC comes around in comics and on TV.


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