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DC Comics: A Response to ‘Rowan’s letter plus the Comic Book Universe

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It?s amazing how the mind of a child can defy even the most strongest-willed adult suggestions. In a letter that appeared in other news outlets and even here on the Bitbag, an 11-year old girl named ?Rowan? appealed on behalf of many other girls?and women?for more females in superhero films or series. As it appears, the Independent UK brings to us this article about DC?s reaction to that appeal.

DC is making a move for the positive, and agrees with Rowan, apparently.

While we explore that, we also take a look at this article which iDigital Times brings. Here is a creative way of exploring the DC Universe that they are trying to build in cinemas, done eBay style. As it appears, while Marvel?s Universe is indeed inherently massive, DC tries to differentiate from that?and it isn?t even hard to. It looks like DC?s own universe isn?t as massive as some people initially thought it was.

DC?s Response

It seems DC is aware of their fans? reactions, after all.

In a letter that appeared in various new outlets, and as per The Independent UK, sender ?Rowan? claimed DC officials weren?t doing their jobs as properly as they should. While there is an abundance of male superheroes in DC?s Universe, she points out that there are fewer girls in movies that are soon coming out. As per the Independent UK, DC aims to remedy this, with a tweet showing that they are looking to release Wonder Woman in the movies and Supergirl on TV pretty soon.

The reaction by DC is timely, and it seems they?re listening to the fans. However, hopefully DC doesn?t tackle this problem only at face value. Let this be a sign that they?re willing to continue their series to eventually include a lot of female superhero movies in the mix in the name of fairness.

Just like a Friendly Universe

DC?s universe has grown so big and massive that people think the characters have grown impersonal with each other.

An eBay experiment that appears over at iDigital Times, however, shows that DC?s universe?despite its size?has ways of tying up with each other. A graph made by a team called Emerging Verticals over at eBay?as per iDigital Times?shows the relationships between DC characters. For instance, Ralph Dibny, a member of the Justice League, appears to have a lot of connections with a lot of characters from the DC Universe.

This graph also serves to show how big the Universe is?in terms of each character interacting with each other. There?s a whole boat-load of characters in that graph, isn?t it? It?s a small world after all, and, despite of the equally massive size of the DC universe, their characters seem to happen to keep a continuing correspondence with each other.

DC?s Universe?What a Shame?

Seeing that graph, it?s a shame how DC would go and mess everything up.

However, if that means a larger role for other characters?including a move to appease their female fans like Rowan?DC could be making Convergence as a solution-maker. It?s a pretty noble thing, then, that Convergence is happening. If DC is really that true to their word, Convergence will serve to be a pretty nice initiative.


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