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DC Comics: A Look at Suicide Squad and the Constantine Series

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DC Comics is in for a really interesting year.

After Batman and Superman have lighted it up in a revamped Superman series and a Batman franchise that was rooted in the here and now in terms of real-time tech, the duo is being partnered with each other?probably a first in DC?s history of making movies?in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with special emphasis on Justice. The movie is being released well ahead of the Justice League movies, which DC hopes to release sooner than later.

However, we?re here to take a look at how Suicide Squad would be doing. As per Digital Spy UK, Suicide Squad?s Will Smith?playing the role of Deadshot?reiterated the need for the said movie to be as flawless and as entertaining as possible. Suicide Squad is a sort of make-or-break for DC if the fame of the characters would be the basis. Another interesting news from DC comes from TV land, as Comic Book reports on February 13?s episode of Constantine being the one episode to watch about the Justice League Dark member.

Will Smith: Suicide Squad needs to Polish Act

Before Tom Hardy quit Suicide Squad, everything seemed on track for the movie.

Suicide Squad, as per Digital Spy UK, has already tapped actors to replace Tom Hardy as Rick Flag. The list of actors includes Joel Kinnaman, Jon Bernthal and Joel Edgerton. However, he did say that there was a slight delay, but things were moving along fine. According to Digital Spy UK, Will Smith and co-star Margot Robbie is committed to making the movie a success despite the crazy schedules and the casting coups. However, Will Smith still has nagging worries about getting things right.

He has every right to be worried, though. Unlike Batman and Superman, Suicide Squad?s only established character is Joker?Harley Quinn comes a distant second, followed by the other characters. However, should they pull this off like how Guardians of the Galaxy did; Suicide Squad might turn to be the surprise movie of its year.

Constantine offers some pleasant surprises

It?s not every day when TV mirrors comic books, but fortunately Constantine had that formula going for them.

In the latest episode last Feb. 13, Constantine opened up with an episode that closely mirrored the ?Waiting for the Man? arc. Some characters make themselves visible in the series?Spectre and Zed, for starters?with Jim Corrigan?s fate as the Spectre being teased at, as per Comic Book. There are other Easter eggs throughout that episode?notably lung cancer, which was present althroughout the Keanu Reeves starrer in John Constantine?s first foray into the movies.

It should be safe to expect more Easter eggs to come from the series as the show progresses on. After all, what?s a little Easter egg here and there?

DC?s Acts

DC appears to need to get their acts right, but it?s not like they not doing anything. Constantine and Suicide Squad are both big things if DC plays all their cards as right as rain. Trust that they would do so in order not to get left behind by the big engine that Marvel has in terms of movies.


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