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DC Comics: A Look at Convergence plus Comic Book Sales

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It is rather puzzling why Convergence happened.

Personally, I liked the appearance that the New 52 series gave most of DC?s superheroes. Yet, they come up with Convergence, something that, as per Comic Book, gave a way for the existing world prior to New 52 to return. Yet they come up with such a way and as a result, we take a look at Convergence once more?what had happened, what led to it happening, and a whole lot of other timelines returning once again.

We also take a look at how comic books managed to survive during the time between November and December 2014, as per Comic Book Resources. The Batman books have managed to be big, but so is every other title in the Marvel side of things. Perhaps there is a bigger reason behind these sales?comic book movies being what they are these days. We take a look at the phenomena of comic book movies helping the sales of their paperback counterparts as well as previously not-well known titles like the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Convergence: The Key to Returning

Marvel fans will be familiar that Secret Wars will try to make room for new characters joining the Marvel Universe. DC, however, seems to think on the reverse, coming up with an answer to Secret Wars: Convergence.

Convergence is, as the word says, and as per Comic Book, a gathering of heroes from different universes within the DC sphere. They are gathered by a Brainiac-like villain intent on re-making the Universe into his own liking?but not if the heroes can help it. On the other hand, it?s also a way of trying to make characters?most notably from Earth-2?take the lead in the fight against Telos, the Brainiac-like guy.

What exactly seems to be the reason behind this event? There are a lot of reasons for this. First off, characters who died are brought back to life; some characters will be seen again, while some of them are surprisingly making a return. So what does this mean to the greater DC universe?

Batman Tops December Sales Charts?

There might be a connection between the two or not, but Batman leads the latest list of comics that sold during December, as per Comic Book Resources.

On the part of Marvel, however, they see some of their titles figuring in the Top Ten of the sales list. What does this mean for comic books? It seems, as per the trend and as per Comic Book Resources, that comic books are getting a timely boost from their movie counterparts. While the stories are just getting interesting?Guardians of the Galaxy can attest to that?it seems people are interested once more in the characters and how they?ve been doing all these years.

As per Comic Book Resources, Batman tops the list, while Amazing Spider-Man is a close second. That alone is a testament to the popularity that these books garnered because of their movie counterparts.

DC?s Moves a Key to the Future?

So it remains to be seen whether Convergence will pay off or not.

There seems to be no problems with the stories itself?Batman managed to make number 1 even before Convergence?but as to why DC sees the need to change the landscape once more, we have no idea. The comic book universe is a fickle landscape, and there are characters who are dead who come to life, and undying characters who are suddenly killed off. Who knows what DC?s landscape will look like next year?


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