DC and Marvel Headed to an Epic Face-off at #ComicCon2014

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The feud between Marvel Comics and DC Comics seems to be as old as time itself. There are those who would say that the feud should be long gone, and that it belongs to past days. This is true, if you take into account the new media?online media?that comics is currently using. However, it doesn?t mean that a feud as old as this will die; it just simply spills out into another form.

In this case, DC and Marvel?s age-old rivalry is spilling into the silver screen. This is true when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suddenly postponed its release date into another date?this date being the same date as a yet-unknown release from Marvel Studios. Many people dismissed it as a mistake in releasing the movie, and didn?t see the venom behind it up until Marvel Studios announced the movie they were set to release, revealing it to be Captain America 3. This being said, both studios were unnerving in changing their release date, and the war was on.

This wasn?t the end of the ?mix-up?. Rather, it was only the beginning, Whether or not it was coincidence, DC decided that the competition was on, and had begun to list-off their heroes one by one, coinciding or not with some releases coming from Marvel Studio. The list goes on. On May 2016, we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On July of the same year, Shazam comes out. Christmas of that year, viewers will be gifted with Sandman. In May, July, and Christmas of the following year, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and the Flash/Green Lantern team-up movie will come out. Lastly, a follow up to Man of Steel will come out on May 2018.

coutesy of adamwithers/deviantart.net

coutesy of adamwithers/deviantart.net

The list was almost as good as confirmed, what with The Rock practically confirming it. The war wasn?t just between DC and Marvel; by extension, Warner Bros., who owns DC?s film rights and Marvel owners Disney are dragged into the competition as well. This is even further confirmed by Marvel?s announcement of yet-to-be-titled movies, 5 of which coincide with the release dates of DC films.

With their recent confirmation that they would not move Captain America 3?s release date, Marvel had just officially accepted DC?s challenge. Their films are as follows: we see Ant-Man on July 2015. Captain America 3 will come out on May 2016, followed by a likely Doctor Strange film on July 2016. In May, July, and November of 2017, three untitled films are set to come out. Expect to see three more to come out in July and November of 2018 and May of 2019, respectively.

With many of the dates overlapping, and Marvel refusing to move the release dates of some of its films, there seems to be an inevitable collision that both comic book publishers are headed for. Will Marvel be able to face-off with DC properly? There are still a lot of speculations, but in the end, it is the fans and the paying movie-goers who will benefit from this direct, head-on competition. Just think: two spectacular movies showing in one month! What else could be better?

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