DayZ Xbox One Release Out First Before PS4? ‘Microsoft Has Been Very Eager’, Says Bohemia Interactive

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DayZ Xbox One

Recently, DayZ creative director Bryan Hicks confirmed that their early access standalone version of the game?may arrive on Xbox One first before PS4 due to Microsoft?s support. The Xbox Game Preview system is a platform that focuses on Early Access games on Xbox One. Here?s what we know so far about the potentially earlier DayZ Xbox One release.

Microsoft?s Drive

According to Eurogamer?s interview with?developer Bohemia Interactive, Hicks said that “Microsoft has been very eager – I’ll say this much – for us to get it on their platform, the Xbox Game Preview programme,” It?s possible that the DayZ Xbox One release may happen first if the standalone game is released on consoles. However, the developers?have yet to show any progress on?a console port.

No Dates Yet

About the game?s release date, Hicks told Eurogamer, ?We haven’t committed to a physical date yet. We did release a press release saying that our goal was to hit beta in 2016, and release in 2017. Now it remains to be seen if that’s the case; it’s a goal we’ve continued to work for since we set it but … it’s very difficult to predict what is going to break and how severe the change is going to be when we’re moving these massive new engine changes in. It’s like taking the spine out of a game and putting a new one in: you can’t be 100 percent sure if the immune system is going to reject it initially.?

Technically, there?s still no release date for DayZ as of the moment. Fans may have to wait for DayZ Xbox One or even the game?s beta release date.

Release Date Satisfaction

Lastly, Hicks also confirmed that fans would be happy once the game leaves Early Access. Translating DayZ?s features in a new game engine is a difficult and time-consuming process for Bohemia Interactive. For now, fans can only wait for the Early Access DayZ Xbox One release or the game?s full release around extremely late this year or early 2017. DayZ?s full release may only start to pick up speed once we hear a good chunk of major updates from the developers.

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