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DayZ Xbox One Release Alternative Isn’t State Of Decay 2, Says Undead Labs

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Source: DayZ Early Access Launch Trailer

Currently, DayZ fans may be searching for a different game while waiting for its standalone version. Fans may look at other zombie games like H1Z1, 7 Days to Die, or even the first State of Decay. Recently, Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain explained some incoming State of Decay 2 features which works differently than DayZ’s systems.

Not An MMO

Strain revealed some State of Decay 2 features in a Windows Central interview. Apparently,the Undead Labs founder aims to make State of Decay 2 a better game than the original than making it similar to DayZ.

“I’m not sure trying to do what “Day-Z” or other games have done would bring in more players,” Strain said. “State of Decay was played by millions, and in the years since its release we’ve spent a great deal of time talking with and listening to its fans. They’ve been clear about what they want to see in a sequel, and it’s not to be a hardcore PvP game or a traditional MMO. Players who loved State of Decay have told us they want a bigger, bolder, better State of Decay they can play with their friends, and that’s exactly what we’re making.”

In some ways, DayZ and other zombie survival games feel like an MMORPG due to its scale and usual day-to-day gameplay. Players would gather materials and craft tools for their own created goals. State of Decay 2 is a four-player co-op game where players work together to clear missions and still enjoy a zombie crafting game. State of Decay 2 players will experience the zombie apocalypse more as its story setting rather than having a zombie-infested sandbox multiplayer game.

No Offline Progression in DayZ

In State of Decay 2, it’s been confirmed that players can leave the game and have their creations intact when they come back. This feature means that it’s not possible for players to grief other strangers. Additionally, this gives more control to the players as they can leave the game alone for a long time without fear of returning to a broken and looted house.

Meanwhile, DayZ players have reported silly cases of griefing where shovel-wielding naked players will storm in to try and murder your character. In some cases, it’s a funny event but not all players are up for a prank regardless if its silly or destructive. At best, DayZ players who aim to grief can’t do it in State of Decay 2.

Still Story Focused

The first State of Decay had a similar focus as Capcom’s Dead Rising series as players will have to do missions to uncover truths behind the zombie outbreak. The zombie survival games like DayZ and 7 Days to Die leave it to the players to find their own enjoyment in the game world. Players farm resources out of necessity to craft their own bases not because they need for a mission. It’s still unknown how State of Decay 2 will handle missions, but they’ve promised to “double down” on their general gameplay systems, particularly the ones that surround its story

DayZ so far

Currently, fans still don’t know when will Bohemia Interactive fully release the standalone DayZ game. Progress is being done during its development but the developers haven’t been clear if it’s nearing completion or not. At best, fans will have to make do with other upcoming zombie titles if they’re tired of the first game and are still waiting for the standalone’s release. Stay updated with more DayZ news here on The BitBag.

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