DayZ Update: Arma 3 Eden Features To Be Included Soon

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DayZ Update

According to a recent developer update, Arma 3?s Eden Audio system is coming to DayZ soon. The Eden Audio system will help the game switch up ambient and positional sounds to not only benefit a player?s situational awareness, but also to evoke a better sense of suspense in the player?s surroundings. Here?s the post from the developers that confirms the feature in DayZ.

As confirmed on the site, Arma 3?s Eden audio system will be mixed with DayZ?s current audio system, and weapon sounds will be updated to accommodate the addition of the Eden system. More than visuals, the accompanying sounds in a horror or survival game actually helps players both assess the situation and appreciate the events happening in the game. Arma 3?s Eden audio feature will help the game process both ?ambient sounds and positional audio? instead of just meshing every sound to its loudest possible at times. Here?s a video from Peregrine M that showcases the Arma 3 Eden features that will be in DayZ.

Ambient sounds could be the background music that accompanies the game?s area. It might might even dictate the mood of the player?s current situation. In times of suspense and climactic events, players will appreciate the background music especially if it fits their current feeling at the time.

Meanwhile, positional audio scales the sound of the in-game noise, depending on how far they are from the noise. This allows players to process sounds like footsteps, gunshots, and melee weapon impact when they are audibly near. This helps prevent the sound from being universally loud when in range.

This new system will be helpful in letting players assess positions of zombies, hostile NPCs and other players without risking to be spotted. Additionally, players just need to listen where the noise is coming from and follow it accurately instead of searching every room once the sounds kick in.

Since Arma 3 and DayZ are player made content-heavy titles, modders and other players can also use this new system to be creative with sounds in the games. Modders can design audio cues easier due to the game easily adapting the Eden system. This new addition to DayZ could improve the game experience for its player base once more.

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