DayZ Update 0.61 Live! New Features And All Content In Stable Branch

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DayZ update

Zombie survival MMO DayZ recently got a huge update that tweaks the game and adds a slew of new features. The game is constantly expanding, and DayZ update 0.61 is another chock-filled patch that players should download immediately. Here are the new content now live and running in the recent patch and stable branch.

New Content

The recent DayZ update adds a huge chunk of new content in the game. With the update, players can come across a new animal — a wolf — in the map. As for clothing and equipment, players will have access to BDU pants, sneakers, ALICE backpack, assault backpack, coyote backpack and engine oil. The other new additions include new buildings, new models and many more.

New Mechanics

There will be quite a few new mechanics in the recent update and players should look into it before jumping into the game. For starters, the Hide Body function is now disabled. As for their survival, players will have an easier time as fruits and vegetables can now be dried in a cooking container. Another new mechanic for players to take note of is that their vision will be greatly blurred when the inventory is open. This would make players more vulnerable when they check out the menu.


There are a lot of other new things added in the recent update for DayZ. Players should immediately download the update once it?s ready. Over at the DayZ forum, the creative director for the title notes that the process of upgrading the stable branch to 0.61 is going live to give players a different version before the year ends.

?Now, while we’re all aware that there are still some remaining critical issues to be addressed for 0.61, such as supersonic cracks not functioning, status modifiers getting stuck, and gunshot audio being out of sync for some players. The holiday season means that if we don’t want to leave you all with 0.60 on Stable branch for the rest of the year, we need to begin the process of moving 0.61 over to Stable branch as soon as possible,? says the developer.

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