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DayZ PS4 And Xbox One Release: What It Can Learn From 7 Days To Die

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No other game has done justice to online multiplayer zombie shooters aside from DayZ. ?This PC title from Bohemia Studios continues to impress players with its survival mechanics and huge open-world. The game is scheduled to step into the world of consoles with a PS4 and Xbox One launch coming soon, and those who haven?t played the game are excited for it. The game is following in the footsteps of 7 Days To Die, another zombie survival game ported to consoles. Here?s what the upcoming title could learn from 7 Days To Die.

Launch A ?Fixed? Game

7 Days To Die launched with a lot of bugs on consoles as it was still in the Alpha stage when the game was released. The amount of bugs was enough to shy off any potential players even if they haven?t touched the game yet. The bugs ranged from visual issues to game-breaking ones which caused hours of progress to be lost. One of the priorities for the console port of DayZ should be to get the game running with the minimal amount of issues on launch day.

Achievable Achievements/Trophies

Another big qualm the players had with 7 Days To Die was that it had insanely difficult trophies. One trophy in particular required players to kill 2000 other players. This wasn?t a hard thing to do if it was any other game, but the maximum amount of players in a server is four. This means players had to scour thousands of players on several servers to do the trophy. It?s not really a big issue, but having impossible trophies could ruin the experience for achievement hunters.

Make Use Of The Console?s Power

The visuals of 7 Days To Die on the PS4 was like the PC running the game on low settings. It was a bit surprising that the game looked the way it did, considering that it was made to run on the PS4. Bohemian Studios should probably do their best to upgrade the visual experience of DayZ at launch.

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