DayZ PS4 Release Nears As Bohemia Readies PC Beta Version

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DayZ PS4 Release
Source: DayZ Early Access Launch Trailer video

Developer Bohemia Interactive’s May 2 status report has confirmed that DayZ’s PC version will enter the Beta phase soon. Console development is also considered as Bohemia Interactive optimizes the PC beta build. Potentially, DayZ’s PS4 release will follow once this beta version is primed and ready.

PC Beta Version

As seen on DayZ’s May 2 status report, the game will enter the Beta phase once update 0.63 releases. The game is a few steps closer towards completion as per standard video game development terms. Bohemia Interactive has also mentioned that they’re currently fixing positional environment audio to make the build stable for its console version. The developers still need to fix the build’s issues to be able to optimize the console version better. Overall, the developers will gain great strides in developing the DayZ PS4 release if they progress in fixing bugs in the PC Beta Build.

PS4 Release Date

However, Bohemia Interactive hasn’t stated a word about the DayZ PS4 release date. In hindsight, it’s already been years since DayZ stayed in its Early Access phase. At best, the PC Beta announcement only accounts for better production speed but not its release date any time soon.

DayZ PC and Console Future

Currently, DayZ has long missed the generation where zombie survival games are famous. The title will have to face titles like 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, and even Unturned for its audience. Additionally, even other survival games like Ark Survival Evolved, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and Conan Exiles will also be their competition. Many fans have even lost faith in its development and currently stands at a bad review rating on Steam.

Meanwhile, the DayZ PS4 release mays still have a chance since it barely has competition on the console. However, it’ll still have to face Ark Survival Evolved and 7 Days to Die, it’s still significantly less competition. Unless DayZ manages to work well on consoles, it’ll definitely struggle to win its audience. The game’s development has extended out for far too long.


As the fans have been doing so for four years, waiting is our only choice for Bohemia Interactive to fully release DayZ to the public. At best, the company really needs to introduce something good to the players to make a name in this industry. Delayed games are eventually good but it’s difficult to say the same with Early Access.

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