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DayZ PS4 Alternative: Ark Survival Evolved Releases This December

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Studio Wildcard?s Ark Survival Evolved is going to be released on the PlayStation 4 this coming December 6. DayZ fans waiting for the standalone release on the PS4 could try this survival game. However, the game has dinosaurs rather than zombies. Here?s what we know so far about this DayZ alternative on the PS4.

Dinosaurs than Zombies

According to the official Ark forums, the full Ark Survival Evolved will be available for purchase on the PS4 this coming December 6. The game is confirmed to receive major updates until its final product release in Spring 2017. In Ark Survival Evolved, the players are tasked to survive in a dinosaur island and eventually live in the area after continuous crafting to make a base for themselves.

Old Game

Similar to DayZ, Ark Survival Evolved isn?t a new game as it went in early access last June 2015. Many features and even a standalone survival game mode have been implemented in Ark Survival Evolved. Newcomers will surely enjoy Ark due to its polished game build. However, the game?s setting may not be similar to DayZ as Ark is mostly made up of forests.

Similar Gameplay

In Ark Survival Evolved, players will need to farm resources and craft items for their survival. Players will need a base to keep their items. Unlike DayZ, the usual enemies, Dinosaurs, in Ark Survival Evolved can be tamed. Tamed dinosaurs can help you fight other dinosaurs or players and can also be used as a transportation mount.

However, Ark players must regularly play, as their characters enter a ?Sleep? mode when the player logs out. Other players can steal items or displace these unconscious bodies elsewhere to their advantage or mischief. Once players have settled in, they can enjoy Ark Survival Evolved like a regular Survival Crafting game as they can do anything that?s possible in the game.

Currently, Bohemia Interactive has no recent news about DayZ standalone release for the consoles except for a potential earlier Xbox One release. For the meantime, Ark Survival Evolved may help scratch that survival crafting game itch but not the zombie apocalypse experience. Stay updated with more DayZ news here on TheBitBag.

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