DayZ Now More Stable Thanks to New Patch

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DayZ?s development has been slow for quite some time. However, they have released a new patch that would shield them from consistent bash mails that they have been receiving.

Yesterday, Brian Hicks announced via Twitter.

Brian hicks

Patch 0.47.124641 is now live, making DayZ more stable than before.

These are the known issues:

-????????? Player can in rare circumstances enter a state in which they cannot attack and must relog

-????????? Character may temporarily enter a frozen state when throwing (resolved in a few seconds)

-????????? Melee targeting is off in some situations

-????????? Players can in some circumstances experience slight desync with server

-????????? Dynamic server events are temporarily disabled

-????????? Backpacks rearrange after reconnection

-????????? Players restrained while unconscious remain restrained until reconnection (after awaking)

-????????? Persistent items & storage are disabled server side pending hot fix to stable branch


The patch also included several addition to the game. These includes:


-????????? Cans can be opened with SKS Bayonet and Sickle

-????????? Added PlayerDrinkCan action to config

-????????? Added Melee Class to SurvivorBase


-????????? New Default aimed animations with riflr

-????????? Player now walk while in Surrender

-????????? Transitions for Surrender/Restrained Player

-????????? Crouched Zombie Animation set

-????????? Reload for CZ527

-????????? Hand poses added for matchbox, Injection Vial, and Hacksaw

-????????? Drinking from can


-????????? New female face? models

-????????? New male face models


-????????? Ragdoll support for Zombies and Players

-????????? Initial implementation for naymesh for zombie pathfinding


-????????? Bonnie Hat Fishing storage

-????????? Chemlights

-????????? AK101

-????????? CR 527

-????????? Makarov

-????????? PM 73 RAK

-????????? Medium Civilian Tent

-????????? Paramedic Clothes (jacket and pants)

-????????? Military Boots now store knives

-????????? Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandanas

-????????? Untied Bandanas


-????????? Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive, and Camo bandages

-????????? Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive, and Camo bandana can be untied and tied to mask


-????????? Persistent Item support

-????????? Simulation Changes

-????????? Persistent Storage support

-????????? Dynamic Loot Respawning


-????????? Torovo Village Added

You can also check for the recent balances and fixes included in this update here. However, there might be some unknown bugs and glitches. Fixes will be implemented as soon as these bugs are observed.

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