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DayZ : How To Hunt Animals

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Aside from gunning down other players, finally, there is something else to do in DayZ. That still seems to be about 90% of what goes on in DayZ, but doing some fishing, hunting and even campfires are all a step in the right direction. Finding something else to do outside of the traffic areas should tone the bandit activity down for just a bit, at the very least.

If you want to get your hands on a delicious piece of steak in DayZ, the first thing you will need to do is to avoid big cities like Elektro, Berezino or even Cherno. Many players complained that it?s hard to find animals in the game. Actually, they are often found in open fields far away from towns and cities, make sense, right? It is not just because large animals are avoiding populated areas, it is also a way for the devs to force players to explore the map more.

Moving on, as you approach the Northwest Airfield, let us say you spot a Deer in an open field. You can take it down with several options, and one is by melee, that is if you will be able to get close enough to it. But using a Crossbow or an Improvised Ashwood Short Bow would be your best bet. Although these ranged weapons are not that effective against bandits, these silent babies barely make a noise, obviously, and will allow you to hunt animals much easier, without other players hearing you.

Once you?ve finished taking down the big buck, this is the time to make off with the goods. If by chance, you did bag a deer, you?ll get one Deer Pelt and four Raw Deer Steaks. You can either use a Machete or a Combat Knife to skin the dead animal. After collecting your rewards, try to hide the dead body of the animal so that other players will not be able to track you down.

Then after all that hard work, it would be the perfect time to grill them delicious steaks and enjoy a campfire as the darkness starts to cover Chernarus.


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