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DayZ: How To Catch Fish

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Although DayZ has been focusing more on player-vs-player interaction lately, we?re still not losing hope that it will turn into a real zombie survival game. DayZ?s latest update now allows players to catch fish in their local ponds.
That said, here?s some tips on how to catch fish in DayZ.

The first thing you need to do is gather supplies, of course. You will be able to collect several things that you may use in fishing through looting. First, look for an Ashwood Stick, which can be found in areas where you may find a Shovel. But the easiest way to find one is to cut down a tree.

Once you acquire an Ashwood Stick, you will need to find a Rope next. This can hardly be found while looting, and a rope is not something you can craft. (kinda sucks, right?)
So, you have no choice but to embrace the grind and keep searching until you find one.

If you?ve managed to get a Rope and an Ashwood Stick, just simply combine those items to make an Improvised Fishing Rod. But you will still need to look for something that you can use as bait, and something that you can attach it to. To look for a bait, you can either use a Shovel of a Farming Hoe to dig and search for an Earthworm.

The last thing you will need is a Fishing Hook. But unfortunately, just like the Rope, you?re gonna have to search for this until you find one, because a Fishing Hook cannot be crafted too.
However, if you do find one, combine it with the Earthworm to make a Fishing Bait.

After doing that, the final step is to combine the Fishing Bait with your Improvised Fishing Rod.

Now that you have everything you need, all you have to do is find a nice Pond. Go near the water with your Improvised Fishing Rod and select the Fish option. You can check the bait periodically, and will either receive a message that says I sense no movement near the bait or there is some movement near the bait. You have to wait until a message that says something bit the bait before you pull your Improvised Fishing Rod. But if you do manage to get a catch, quickly pull your bait out to reel in the fish.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You can now eat fish besides beans! (lol)


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