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DayZ fans are now eagerly waiting as development is ?believed to be on its peak. The game is already out on Early Access but with the current changes made to the game, its progress is undeniably slow.

According to Dean Hall, the game is undergoing major changes . He stated that there will be 6 major features that will be added into the game, making its progress slow. In an interview with Gamespot, they will be changing the game engine that will open opportunities to most of the critical features of the game. ?They will begin to switch to a newer DirectX version from their old DirectX 9 that will improve lighting, visual effects, and overall performance of the game.

?We lose a lot of time, but implementing DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 will have a dramatic, instant visual difference and quite a significant performance difference.?

There are more additional changes as the developer team stated that there will be server upgrades as they will be acquiring a new server technology. Expect it to be bloodier as more zombies will plague your game screen.

?It allows us to use a lot of more RAM, which helps us a great deal with spawning in thousands more items into the world. It means that we can have more zombies. It means we can have more loot items.? They added.

The third game development will assist players and improve experience. Spawn points are moved instead of the survivors going from south to north. There will be an upgrade for all items in the game and item rarity. If there are a hundred of night vision goggles in the game; if your player dies, the item will be sent to the server instead of being dropped. The server will refresh the count to prevent excessive spawn of items.

The game is said to be more realistic as weather effects may also affect the game. There are lots of changes that will happen and expect it to be awesome.

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