DayZ 0.61 Experimental Update Live! Huge Bug Fixes In Latest Patch

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DayZ 0.61

Recently, the DayZ 0.61 experimental update changes have just been confirmed on the game’s forums. The new patch notes confirms major server fixes and mentioned some notable bugs that Bohemia Interactive is still working on at the moment. Here’s what we know so far about the DayZ 0.61 experimental update.

Server Fixes

According to the official forum post, Bohemia has rolled out an unmentioned amount of fixes toward server crashes. Aside from making the game more stable, the new DayZ 0.61 update has fixed some errors regarding body parts, tents and vehicles. Some changes have also been made to zombie vision and hearing which they planned to nerf. Lastly, the patch also has logs which help the developers track down the performance issues in the build.

Unfixed Bugs

Meanwhile, the DayZ 0.61 update also mentioned some issues that they’ve yet to fix. Apparently, the zombies can push players through objects which may get them stuck. Moving in complex buildings or areas may suddenly push your character around. Additionally, some issues with slightly opening doors also happen. Lastly, damage is also delayed which can be dangerous for any player. At best, the game’s unfixed bugs may make the game’s combat and exploration frustrating for most players. At best, players could just focus on more building and crafting actions if they want to avoid triggering these bugs.

Don’t Nerf the Infected

As seen on the DayZ 0.61 update thread, fans are divided on whether Bohemia should nerf the game’s infected or not. Some fans want to keep the infected as realistic as possible, thus nerfing some of their vision and hearing. Meanwhile, some fans are also fine with the infected having many detection advantages than the player for a challenge.

At best, DayZ zombies are aggressive to any non-infected living creature they see. The Zombies should just be removed of the potential to forcibly clip players into walls and just resort to dealing damage as much as they can. A survival game’s charms mostly focuses on realism in a fictional or fantasy setting. Game-breaking bugs that allow improbable or impossible situations in reality should be weeded out of the game’s systems for its success. Stay updated for more DayZ news here on The BitBag.

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