Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Former Cast Returning for Cameos, See Who Comes Back Here

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

As the characters on Days of Our Lives slowly leave the show, former casts are returning for a cameo. According to recent Days of Our lives spoilers, Sal Stowers returns?after a an?insignificant exit from the show. Despite?her role not?being confirmed, her reappearance involves?Theo?s (Kyler Pettis) character on the show.

Returning Casts

Kim’s character?(Patsy Pease) and Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) also returns on?Days of Our Lives. The latest DOOL spoilers reveal that their presence will have a big impact on Theresa (Jen Lilley). Theresa is currently haunted by Xander?s (Paul Tereffe) presence. Kim and Shane will likely help her out in the stressful situation.

Meanwhile, Shane and Kim?s presence may also shed light on Hope?s (Kristian Alfonso) case. Currently, Hope remains under the mercy of her ex-boyfriend Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove). Aiden is now Salem?s new District Attorney and he?s hell bent on making Hope suffer for her crime.

Christie Clark and Austin Peck are also expected to reprise their roles in Days of Our Lives. Although their appearance should arrive in early 2017, Clark sees her on and off role on the show as a gift. In one of her recent interviews, she said ?Days of Our Lives is the gift that keeps on giving for me. Thirty years of fun, drama and love in the afternoon!!?


The character of Peck is known to have existed on Days of Our Lives since 1995. The role of Austin continued until 2002 after which, it went on hiatus and returned in 2005. Now, it looks like Austin is returning on the show this coming 2017.

Peck and Clark?s role, although confirmed to return, has no schedule of its ending. Fans of the two characters can savor the moment while they are still in for the latest Days of Our Lives episode. Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week involved the escape from prison of Xander and Orpheus.

Also bound to return on the show is Kassi DePaiva, who was recently diagnosed with Myeloid Leukemia. For more news on Days of Our Lives spoilers, make sure to visit us here on TheBitBag.


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