Days Gone: Zombie Types Bend Studios Might Introduce

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Bend Studio?s upcoming zombie game, Days Gone, is currently making gamers worldwide excited about the new title. The game is looking to introduce the basics of zombie survival shooters and improve upon it by adding even better features. Following the current trend of zombie games, the new title will have several types of Freakers to mess up the players? playstyle. There are currently two known types, Newts and Hordes. Here are a few more that might get included in the game.

Zombies That Explode

Called Boomers in Left 4 Dead, these huge zombies are slow in general, but it?s not like their aim is to actually chase opponents. Once near enough or hit a couple of times, these guys explode, damaging anything in its perimeter. It?s a basic type of zombie that might get included in Days Gone. It?ll make a great addition to the game, especially when Hordes are hunting down Deacon St. John.

The Bullet-Sponges

Out of all the zombies types, the sturdier ones are the most annoying to face. They’re a waste of bullets and they hit hard. Known simply as Tank in Left 4 Dead and as Bloaters in The Last of Us, these guys make sure that players run out of ammo before the next wave of zombies come. Item management will be a vital feature in Days Gone, and with a tank-type Freaker on the loose, players will be forced to used other methods of taking players down.

Something Unique To The Game

We can also expect Bend Studios to create a Freaker or zombie that?s unlike any we?ve seen before. With the game?s dynamic weather system and open-world, the possibilities are endless. Newts and Hordes are already unique on their own, but we?re excited to see a really new zombie type that?ll be one of the staple Freakers of Days Gone.

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