Days Gone Will Appear At E3 2017 ‘In A Big Way’, Says Lead Actor Sam Witwer

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The Days Gone developer has expanded. [Image from PlayStation]

One of the biggest reveals of E3 2016 was a new IP from SIE Bend Studios featuring a whole new take on the zombie genre. To this date, fans are still excited to see Days Gone yet again and the wait for new details is drawing to a close. It seems like the upcoming title is once again set to take on E3 “in a big way.”

Sam Witwer will play the lead on the upcoming title. As Deacon St. John, Witwer definitely has the rundown on all things regarding Days Gone and that’s why fans are stoked to hear the actor say that the game will be at E3 2017. Not only that, Witwer adds that the game will be a E3 2017 “in a big way.”

At the 13:16 mark of this Twitch stream, Witwer breaks the news. He didn’t delve deeper as to what we should expect at E3 2017, but what he said alone is enough to get us all riled up for the promising title. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from SIE Bend Studios and Days Gone and E3 2017 is a fitting venue for a big reveal.

Fans are speculating that Sony’s “big way” of showcasing the game is by revealing revealing all the title’s gameplay aspects that haven’t been seen in video yet. These include the open-world aspect and dynamic weather. A release date reveal isn’t out of the question as well as no other detail for the game could be bigger than that.

Days Gone had a stellar reveal back at E3 2016 and it’s no wonder why zombie fans are very eager to get their hands on the game. No other developer has created a zombie horde like SIE Bend Studios and many compares Freaker hordes of Days Gone to the ones seen in the film adaptation of World War Z. The massive Freaker hordes partnered with the destructible environment in the game make up for one thrilling experience.

Aside from the new take of a familiar genre, the upcoming title also gives off a Last of Us vibe. The game is going to feature a heavy story much like the Naughty Dog instant classic but we’re going to have to wait and see how SIE Bend Studios will execute the storyline for the game.Unlike The Last of Us though, Days Gone will feature a vast open-world complete with a dynamic weather system.

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