Days Gone: Why You Shouldn’t Expect The Game Soon

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Days Gone

Back at E3 2016 last June, zombie fans had a lot to be excited about as the conference saw the reveal of several zombie titles like Dead Rising 4, Resident Evil 7, State of Decay 2 and the new IP from Bend Studio, Days Gone. This PS4 exclusive was an instant head turner as it featured the biggest hordes in gaming as well as a possible premise similar to Naughty Dog?s The Last of Us. ?With the game?s release date still a mystery, fans might have to wait a lot longer for the game and here?s why.

Bend Studio?s Biggest Project In A Long Time

Sony?s Bend Studio will be helming the development of Days Gone. This developer has a lot to live up to considering that it?s responsible for the classic Syphon Filter series. The developer?s latest game was Uncharted: Fight for Fortune for the PlayStation Vita. Even before then, the developer has focused on portable titles. The upcoming zombie game is Bend Studio?s biggest project yet, and we?re hoping it does not pull back anything in development. The developer has even expressed its long-term goals for the game.

The Game Is Complicated

It?s not just a simple zombie shoot ?em up. There are a lot of unique features in Days Gone including the vital role of environments, the huge hordes of Freakers, the possibly dramatic storyline and probably others more we?ve yet to see. All of this happening in an open-world with a dynamic weather system makes up for a complicated title that we?re sure no one wants to rush.

The Hype Is Real

Gamers are really excited with getting their hands on Days Gone. We?re sure that the developers don?t want the game to end up as a flop like some of today?s big releases.

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