Days Gone Release: Top 3 Features You Didn’t See In The Gameplay Trailer

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One of the new titles that made a big splash at E3 2016 was the new open-world zombie game, Days Gone. The upcoming game looks fairly interesting, channeling one of the best zombie games of the current gaming era, The Last of Us. The demo showed off most of the game?s features, but there may be more than meets the eye. Here are a few features players didn?t see from the E3 gameplay trailer.

Resource Management

The gameplay trailer at E3 showed Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John continuously shooting at the Freakers. Judging by the trailer, bullets and other resources are bountiful in the game, but when it launches, players will have to manage resources actively. In an interview with VentureBeat, Bend Studios? Ron Allen revealed that they adjusted Deacon?s bullets in the gameplay trailer to avoid dying during the showcase. He confirmed that bullets should be kept a close eye on when the full game launches.

The Game Is An Open-World

Unlike The Last of Us, Deacon won?t be exploring linear areas. Instead, the game will be set in an open-world, meaning players can do a lot more exploring and zombie hunting. This also gives players the choice to alter their play styles. They could go in guns blazing, or they could take a safer route and use a sniper rifle from afar instead.

Dynamic Weather

To make surviving significantly difficult, Days Gone will have a dynamic weather system. On some days, the weather will be scorching, while it?ll be snowing on some. Allen said that the weather will have effects on the open-world, meaning both Deacon and the Freakers are affected by it. However, we?ve yet to know how significant the effects are, but players can expect that surviving feels different with each in-game day that passes.

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