Days Gone Release: Syphon Filter Quality Assured?

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Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio, which introduced the Syphon Filter game series in the 1990s, is bringing the survival horror game Days Gone this year. The upcoming title seems to have the quality of the Syphon Filter games, and there are many features that will make people choose the game, the studio said. From the game?s narrative to landscapes and a ?huge story,? Bend is making sure that the players will receive uncompromised gameplay experience when it launches.

The game?s creative director John Garvin believes that players will buy Days Gone because of its reliability. Without sharing any details about the projected sales, Garvin told Bend Bulletin that the studio?s upcoming game is one of the biggest in terms of budget. Regarding the gameplay, he revealed that players will have the choice to use the environment for their benefit. They can either kill the enemies with weapons or they can use the environment to do the ?contextual kills,? he said.

The Syphon Filter games have received a lot of appreciation from fans and critics as well; the franchise itself has a 90 percent positive score on Metacritic. Shawn Wallbaum, the owner of the game store Game Quest, said that Bend Studio?s Syphon Filter was an uncompromised game, and he recommends it to his customers. According to Wallbaum, things have changed in the last several years, but the quality that the Syphon Filter series has delivered is matchless.

According to Garvin, the upcoming game was inspired by some television shows and the movie World War Z. Garvin said that the game?s lead character Deacon will be featured as a bikers-gang member and will be seen surviving in the post-apocalypse environment. Garvin also said that the game will feature a huge story that would answer why the person will have to survive.

Bend Studio aims to deliver the same glitch-free experience with the Days Gone release. The studio has not confirmed the official launch date of the game, but we may see a launch window announcement either at GamesCom or the yet to be announced PlayStation Experience 2016.

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