Days Gone Release: Why You Should Be Hyped

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Days Gone caught the interest of gamers from the get-go when it was revealed at E3 2016. It?s yet another zombie game, but it seems like Bend Studios is going to give us a new experience. We?ve seen how the game looks and plays and we?re impressed so far. While we?ve yet to know when the Days Gone release date is, there are a lot of reasons to join the hype train of the anticipated title.

Hordes Are Looking Bigger Than Ever

Titles like Resident Evil don?t concentrate on pushing players to fight hordes of zombies. Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, on the other hand, allows us to face several zombies at once, and it?s actually pretty fun. Days Gone will be one of these games that have hordes, and players can face all of them head-on instead of cowering to a safe place.

The game has been compared a lot with Brad Pitt?s zombie movie as the E3 2016 gameplay showcase shows Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John fighting against a horde of Freakers that are too many to count. To get a better picture of how the horde looks in Brad Pitt?s zombie flick, check out this clip from World War Z.

All The Survival Elements And More

Bullets won?t come in bountiful heaps in Days Gone, and we?re guessing it goes the same for the the game?s other goods as it?s a survival game. To further survive in the game, players can use the environment to their advantage. There are explosive barrels, bridges are collapsible, and there are a lot of other ways to kill Freakers in the game. Another interesting survival feature is the game?s dynamic weather system, but we?ve yet to know how this will affect the in-game world.

The Story

Days Gone is not a regular action-filled shooter. Like the Last of Us? Joel, Deacon is also a broken man who lost a special someone to the apocalypse. It?s highly likely that character development and the story of this game is superb.

There may be a lot more updates regarding the game the following months, including the Days Gone release date. Tune in here on The BitBag to get the latest news on the game.

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