Days Gone Release: Differences From The Last Of Us

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Days Gone

There were a ton of reveals at E3 2016, but only a few really took the crowd by surprise. One of the reveals is a new title that looks to take its place as the king of zombie games when it releases. Bend Studios? Days Gone is a promising title that puts players in another post-apocalyptic world. The game channels a lot from The Last of Us, but there are a lot of differences as well.

Open World

Unlike The Last of Us? linear stages, Days Gone will feature a vast open-world that?s free to explore from the beginning. There will be a lot of areas in the game and what makes it more exciting is that the dynamic weather system promises to make survival way tougher. Bend Studios? has also promised that there will be varying settings in the game?s open world as well.

Not The Typical Zombie

The Last of Us has the Infected, Days Gone has Freakers. Although both are essentially zombies, there are a lot of differences between them. One of the most exciting features about Bend Studios? upcoming horror game is that everyone was able to see hordes of zombies on epic proportions and it?s something that no one has ever seen successfully done in a video game before.

The Freakers come at a quick pace and in huge numbers, which can be compared to the zombies from World War Z. There are a few similarities between the Infected and Freakers though like both having archetypes to make gameplay more exciting.

Day/Night Cycle

The day and night cycle of Days Gone is also something that The Last of Us lacks. It could be compared to the likes of Dying Light though as Freakers will become more aggressive and deadlier once the sun sets. It is another feature that make surviving way more difficult in the upcoming title.

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