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Days Gone Release Date And Other Details We Know So Far

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During Sony?s presentation at E3 2016, fans were caught off-guard with a post-apocalyptic action game that channels the vibe of Naughty Dog?s The Last of Us. The new IP titled Days Gone developed by Bend Studios for the PlayStation 4 is yet another zombie game that might be more than just shooting the undead. Here?s what we know so far about the Days Gone release date and other gameplay details.

Release Date

The trailer showed off an amazing-looking game with cool gameplay features to boot. However, the Days Gone release date hasn?t been pegged yet, so players may have to wait awhile to ?get their hands on it. The developer has promised more details on the upcoming game within the following months, and the release date announcement may just be around the corner. With Bend Studio?s latest games being released way back in 2011 (Uncharted: Golden Abyss) and 2012 (Uncharted: Fight For Fortune), the developers might have already spent enough time developing their zombie game. ??

Spiritual Successor To The Last Of Us?

Since The Last Of Us 2 didn?t make make an appearance at E3 this year, it might take a while for it to get released. Luckily, Days Gone might be what Sony fans need for their zombie-apocalypse fix. The game features a similar camera angle to The Last Of Us, and even the area revealed in the trailer for Days Gone is reminiscent of the forests in Naughty Dog?s instant classic.

In terms of the story, it will also be set after a pandemic wiped out nearly all of the world?s population. This time around, we don?t call the undead the Infected; we call them Freaks. However, the game itself will take place two years after the virus hits. Just like Joel, Days Gone lead Deacon St. John is a man that recently lost a special person in his life. This game might be another emotional journey for gamers.

Also similar to the Last of Us is the game?s use of zombie archetypes. So far, we got to see Hordes and Newts. Newts are infant Freaks, while Hordes are hundreds of Freaks moving as one large group.

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