Days Gone: Not An Alternative To The Last of Us 2

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Days Gone

Sony?s E3 2016 press conference brought many surprises, and the upcoming open-world game Days Gone is one of them. The zombie-filled action adventure game is in development at Sony Bend Studio. The game features a biker called Deacon St. John and his journey through a post-apocalyptic world. The game appears to be similar to Naughty Dogs? The Last of Us 2, but according to the fresh details, the game isn?t an alternative to the Last of Us sequel.

According to senior staff artist Brian Pape, Bend Studio?s game is completely different from what players have seen in The Last of Us 2. In an interview with GamesRadar, Pape said that the upcoming game is more intense, and the number of zombies you find in Days Gone makes the game more extreme.

In The Last of Us, you only encounter one or two zombies at a time, and all you need to do is make your way between them. On the other hand, Days Gone is more about running and gunplay. In the game?s reveal trailer, hordes of zombies can be seen approaching the game?s protagonist.

Regarding the survival elements, senior animator Emmanuel Roth revealed that Days Gone lets players choose the way they want to tackle the missions in the game. According to Roth, players can choose to go anywhere to fight against zombies. The open world gives you countless opportunities to play in your style, he added.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bend Studio?s Ron Allen also said that the game is different from other games. ?We’ve never seen a game set anywhere like that,? he said. According to him, Days Gone will feature a Day/Night cycle, and the game is set in the Pacific Northwest. The extreme weather conditions affect the world, and there are many different areas in the open world that include forests and mountains.

The game will run on a ?heavily modified Unreal Engine 4? that allows the developers to introduce big groups of zombies. The game was revealed on June 13, but the studio has not announced any specific details regarding the game?s release.

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