Days Gone: Do We Need Another Open-World Zombie Game?

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Days Gone

It might not be The Last of Us 2, but there is plenty of anticipation for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone, though one has to wonder why. Sure it looks good and the open-world experience looks like it could be a fun one, but what will this game do differently from other free roaming zombie games?

Games like Dying Light, State of Decay and Day Z have already incorporated an open-world with zombie enemies. The Last of Us had an emotional story that overcame the usual clich?s that came with undead plot territory, as did The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. Zombi U had permanent death and a Dark Souls-style system where players had to find the corpse of their previous character to get their items back when they die. What exactly makes this game a big deal, aside from being a PS4 exclusive?

From what was shown in E3 2016, it seems like the amount of zombies on screen is what will make the game appealing. The fact that Days Gone can have so many enemies on screen is a testament to the developers, though one has to wonder if that will be enough to make it stand out from the crowd of zombie games that are readily available.

How will Days Gone separate itself from the competition?

That?s not to say it will be bad, since there are plenty of good zombie games that don?t really change up the formula. Left 4 Dead is still a popular multiplayer game for PC fans and that title does very little to make zombie games or first-person shooters unique.

At the end of the day, the developers are going to have to rely on the game?s setting, story and atmosphere to reach players tired of the zombie gaming sub genre. Admittedly, it is a sub genre that might not stop being popular anytime soon, but there are gamers who might be burnt out at seeing yet another zombie game on store shelves for the next few years.

Days Gone currently has no release date, though some fans are expecting it to come out late next year or early 2018.

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