Days Gone Is Better As A Linear Game

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The Days Gone developer has expanded. [Image from PlayStation]

SIE Bend Studios is working on a new zombie game that’s already exciting gamers worldwide as everything we’ve seen so far about the title is nothing short of exciting. While most of the features players have seen from Days Gone is great so far, some players are thinking that it could be better if the developer takes a different approach with the game.

One of the features of Days Gone is that it’ll take place in a dynamic open world. While zombie games and open world settings are a fun mix, that’s not always the case. The upcoming title could actually be better off with having a more linear approach rather than it being an open world.

The problem with open world games is that players get too immersed in exploring and the game’s main story is often given less spotlight. SIE Bend Studios is promising a great story for Days Gone, they should try to giving the game a more linear approach instead of giving players the ability to do things whenever they want.

As evident in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, a zombie game doesn’t need an open world to be an amazing title. What Naughty Dog lacked in the freedom to explore and do things, it made up for with great storytelling and gameplay mechanics. The game was highly praised for the survival mechanics that Naughty Dog added. Moreover, the emotional storyline served as one of the main points as to why the game is considered as one of the best titles in the previous generation.

What’s different about SIE Bend Studios’ open world for the upcoming title is the dynamic weather system. It’s not just an aesthetic feature found in Days Gone as players can use the weather to their advantage. It’s a unique feature that could draw players to the game. Aside from this feature, the open world of the game could end up feeling too similar to other zombie titles with the same genre.

Additionally, SIE Bend Studios said they will have zombie hordes freely roam the open world areas. While it’ll surely make exploration tense at all times, it’s possible their presence won’t feel as impactful in key storyline missions, especially if players are already accustomed with horde encounters in the open world.

If SIE Bend Studios decides to keep with the open world approach in their upcoming title, it might be hard to set it apart from titles such as Dead Rising 3, State of Decay and Dead Island, all of which feature an open world.  The best that the developer could do is follow a linear approach to the game and just focus on the story instead. We’ve yet to know just how amazing Days Gone will be but for now, many are thinking that it’s just another open world zombie game.

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