Days Gone: Why Last Of Us Fans Will Enjoy The Game

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One of the surprising reveals at E3 2016 is the new IP, Days Gone. This game by Bend Studios seems promising simply because it looks to be another harrowing take on a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. The game is pretty much like the Last of Us. This isn?t exactly a bad thing since The Last of Us 2 looks to be in the early stages of development. There?s a lot to love about Bend Studio?s new title, and here are a few reasons why Last of Us fans will enjoy the game.

All The Drama

One of the best parts about Naughty Dog?s the Last of Us is the storytelling. It?s not common for a zombie game to explore a story that revolves around what humans go through. Days Gone is going to follow a similar path in its storytelling. Like Joel, Deacon St. John also lost a special someone, but it seems Deacon is not as gloomy as Joel.


The Last of Us differs from most zombie games, as killing the Infected is not necessary for most encounters. Titles like Resident Evil provide players with a lot of bullets to take down enemies. Joel and Ellie often rely on stealth and copious supply when managing to survive. We?re not sure how bountiful supplies are in Days Gone, but the gameplay trailer reveals that Deacon has to use his wits and environment to even the odds. Near the end of the trailer, Deacon is faced with a Horde. Instead of running away, he used a makeshift bridge to take out most of the enemies — a perfect example of using the environment against the Freakers.


The zombies in the upcoming title are called Freakers. Like the Last of Us, there are several types to deal with, making players come up with different tactics for each one. Two types have been revealed in Days Gone already, Newts and Horde. Newts are baby Freakers. Hordes, on the other hand, are A LOT of Freakers moving and acting as a group.

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